Get to Know Phantom Boats


Where it All Began

Will Smith is the owner, designer and builder of Phantom Boats.  He has been hands on with every project since day one. almost 35 years ago.  Not so long ago he was considered a "no name" boat builder, but over time opinions have changed. No one starts at the top, and no one starts by knowing everything.  Through trial and error, he has learned what works... and more importantly... what doesn't work.  This is his passion, his life's work, it's a combination of technology and caring, but what really matters is a proven performance product.  Every boat built gets the personal attention from start to finish, to be a proven winner whether you're on the race course or enjoying a day on the water with your family.  Where else can you call the person who owns the company thru every stage while building the boat of your dreams... from lay-up to vroom vroom?


What Happens Here

 There is no other manufacturer where you will get the one on one attention through every stage from start to splash.  Yep, you've found the one that really cares and will tell you when you're opinion is unfounded. If you're really serious and ready to go fast without compromising safety... give us a call or just stop by.    We have several models in stock to show you how each stage of manufacturing is accomplished, from lay up in the glass shop, to rigging and final finishing in the race shop. Our facility is truly impressive, technology is unsurpassed, and capabilities are uncompromising. We are purpose driven and here to serve only the best customers who expect nothing but perfection.  


What it Means

Anyone can buy a boat, but it's a rare occasion when you can be there from concept to blast off.  Your vision, your personal touch, your needs  matter the most.  Share your ideas and we will guide your imagination, combine it with the latest technology, and deliver the boat of your dreams.